GPS Tracker for Kids: Bridging the gap between freedom and safety!

child Safety

When it comes to student GPS tracking, data security, privacy rights and other legal issues, a big disquiet for some parents and school district members are seen. It’s not uncommon for district members to be worried about the safety and efficiency of student tracking, while parents may have conscientious or religious objections.

About the Client:

One of the reputed schools demanded a GPS tracking solution to track the students’ activity.  While you may be won over by the many benefits of student GPS tracking, the security and legal concerns must be addressed. They need:

  • A data security standpoint i.e. the technology behind student GPS tracking,
  • Ensure that access is limited to only the appropriate parties. Your student GPS tracking system should account for:
  • Software that is encrypted and password protected
  • Easy to use GPS tracking system and clearly explained their uses.

The Legal Concerns of Student GPS Tracking

Regardless of how advantageous student GPS tracking is for both the school district and parents, some families are never going to accept it, especially if it violates certain religious beliefs.

Solution by ThinkRace Technology

When it comes to tracking a child or teenager, covert monitoring is possible. The safety of the child is the most vital thing for the concern these days. If a GPS tracker watch is not to be seen as a threat of privacy and independence, however, it is significant to reassure your child, for their peace of mind and yours.

Our team at ThinkRace Technology recognize that identifying a need to track the children in order to monitor their safety and well-being. We offer an amount of devices designed to hang about stable and functional in a range of situations. Our GPS tracking devices are flexible enough for a variety of placement options, ensuring that your tracking needs are met. Using student GPS tracking only as a means to get better attendance has connotations of criminalizing students at an early stage of their lives.

Implementing a student GPS tracking system in your school should focus on safety first. Although student tracking systems do aid in attendance issues, it’s significant not to use the system merely to reprimand truant students.

Advancement of Technology

As this technology continues to expand and grow in acceptance, it’s extremely wise to emphasize the benefits – for student safety. Have peace of mind with exact real-time tracking!  The child safety product PT401 is a smart watch that comes with excellent features like:

  • SOS Button
  • Two-way communication
  • Health-monitor
  • Multi-media
  • Calls reminder

Why ThinkRace?

Being a prominent name in the field of GPS designing, we have a tool designed to meet your needs. To build your brand, we provide GPS tracker ODM/OEM/JDM services and do take great pride in offering customized apps and applications. Served more than 500 unique world’s top companies, we are capable to assemble 8000+ devices per day.

We ensure to be your right partner at every step by delivering our plethora of services entailing after-sale professional support and focused on manufacturing innovated tracking products.